Our Accounting Package

Designed for small to Large companies

System setup
Simplify complex processes
We will set you up from desktop accounting to cloud accounting. We believe cloud is the future, even though the accounting profession would want to see a lot happen about cloud; do not be left out. Cloud accounting will make your life easier and you will always be abreast with your finances and business in any location and at anytime.
Standard financial and operational procedures
Keep your edge
We will give direction to your business processes and accounting function. This allows you to easily operate according to your business’ share vision and values and easily achieve your objectives such as improved cashflow.
Day-to-Day transactions
Meet your operating needs
We will save you time and money by our accurate recording of all your fiscal events such that you will pass any compliance test by statutory bodies and or external audits. Your decision making will be quicker and that will give you more time to focus on the frontline of your business where money is made.
Accounts receivables tracking and management
Gaining assurance
We are cashflow evangelists. You work hard and you have to be paid for your hard work on time. We will help you to get paid upfront or at least on cash of delivery ( C.O.D). We will protect your business from going out of business and have plenty of cashflow for expansion projects.
Annual financial statements
Extract quality business reports
A set of financial statements that is the statement of profit or loss and other comprehensive income, statement of financial position, statement of cash flows and statement of changes in equity determine and attract investment interest in your business we will generate that interest for you.
When should you Consult with us..

We are marketing, cashflow, profits and tax evangelists. If you want more customers, sell more to your current customers, improve cashflow, pay less tax and have a better life, we would like to hear from you.

That doesn’t mean you always need us full-time or hire us on a retainer basis. Sometimes it just means for a couple of hours that can be can be sufficient enough for us to do serve you effectively. Are looking to save money, and you think you can’t afford an accountant? Think again, look at how long it would take you to do certain tasks (such as taxes), and ask yourself, is that a good use of your time? Talk to us to take care of time-consuming tasks. You’ll not only have extra time to generate more revenue, but you’ll have peace of mind knowing that one of our experts is taking care of the details.

Bank reconciliations
Ascertain the differences
Ensure that you do not omit any transactions that would otherwise make you pay less in taxes or avoid situations where you are asked to pay more because of an omission. We also protect the most important asset of your business, CASH!.
Fixed Register maintenance
Know the value
Assets cost money. They are supposed to work for you to ensure the growth of your company. We will protect your assets from abuse and theft. And we will make easy for you to identify under-performing assets timely and get rid of them. You will also pay less tax because we will take into account of all your tax allowances.
Statutory reporting & tracking
Improve control & manage risk
Do not miss important reporting deadlines for compliance purposes, internal and special purpose reporting. You will also save money by avoiding penalties and interest from tax authorities.
Accounts payable tracking and management
Be prudent & shrewd
Delay your payments to vendors/suppliers as long as this does not interrupt your operations. Make sure you collect money in a shorter period than you pay out. Maintain good payment days to avoid straining your cashflow.
Finance team coaching and support
Be more connected
Navigate the Emerging Trends in finance and accounting, outstanding technical ability and intelligence, and competency.
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Our Role

Managing finance and accounting and producing qualitative internal reports that are designed for management and better decision-making. Gain Financial insights and drive positive results.

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Wise investors examine their financial statements and gauge the safety of their investments and potential for future growth and increase in value. There is no substitute. Have accurate and timely information about how effectively your business is running.

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