Integrated Business Reporting

Leverage our professional reporting services
  • Monthly , Quarterly to Yearly  Financial reporting performance

  • Labour Return of Earnings to the Department of Labour

  • Employment Equity reports to the Department of Labour

  • Variance reporting comparing planned financial outcomes with the actual

  • Exception Reporting –for special purpose requests

  • Key Performance Indicators-identifying profit drivers

  • Budgeting – planned and controlled operations.


Inceanse your Revenue

Financial and non-financial performance measures, and qualitative information around management’s strategy, plans, opportunities, and risks, to double your ROI.


Improve the quality of information

We deliver a broader view of current performance and greater understanding of your entity’s future.

Integrated Reporting

Our focus is on shifting the Business Reporting from one that is based primarily on historical or lagging financial information to reporting that incorporates relevant value drivers, enhance and consolidate existing reporting practices to move towards a reporting that provides the information needed to develop and achieve more.


We take the pain of reporting and make the complex seem simple with relevance and value. Our goal in reporting is hinged on long-term business success. We have mastered at least seven ways of reducing complexity that affects financial reporting. Applying these ways has enabled us to reduce the time, difficulty, and expense associated with reporting for our Clients.

of Working

Dealing with us in business reporting means you get to enjoy the benefits of full disclosure and transparency. We speak to shareholders/investors, employers and management about bribery and corruption as well as to human rights in the same way we talk about profits and losses. Our goal is to improve your communication with all vested stakeholders about the business’ finances.

with Us

We will provide you with the right metrics to get a snapshot of your business’ health and evolution. You will be able  to measure your own performance against your competitors – and also against your own targets, this way you will be able to focus or realign your strategy and achieve compliance assessed on your key performance indicators (KPIs).

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