Be 110% Tax Compliant…

When it comes to tax planning and strategy, every case is unique but we have a simple objective, we want you to pay less tax. We will utilize all tax deductibles, allowances and identify vehicles which will allow you maximum tax savings and pay less.

Our Tax Compliance Services

Lets talk about the Revenue Authorities dinning inside your shoes…. not quite what you have in mind isn’t it?…. but this can be your case today if you have not been doing your taxes CORRECTLY. So are you in some kind of of mess with SARS.. may be “Yes” maybe “Not Yet” but most likely “Yes”. Nevertheless, we are here to HELP you resolve those tax issues in an ad-hoc way or avoid it.

Monthly PAYE prep. and submission

Over the years we have gained experience working with SARS completing and submitting the MONTHLY EMPLOYER DECLARATION (EMP201) for our various clients hustle free.

PAYE mid year and annual recons

PAYE Employer Reconciliation …Reconciliation declarations should be submitted twice during the year and we are here to make sure you stay compliant.

VAT prep. and submission

Avoid a VAT Audit by SARS, let the experts handle it. We can assist you with your VAT Returns, Preparations and Submissions bi-monthly and bi-annually.

Income and Provisional Tax

Tax issues can be daunting some times especially without a tax software and even with the software, We are here to support you with all the Tax Solutions For SARS Compliance | Remain 100% SARS Compliant‎.


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